Turner's Mission

Turner Machine Co., Inc.’s mission is to build and maintain a work place of high ethics and morals with a culture-rich work environment. Jeff Turner is CEO of Turner Machine Co. in Smyrna.

Build Your Bench.

As opposed to times past when men showed up at a factory ready to work, today’s manufacturers have to deploy non-traditional methods in order to “build their bench.”

Not Just A JOB!

Do not underestimate the importance of company culture. While it is nearly unheard of in the manufacturing industry, it makes a significant difference to employees and future job candidates. Millennials seek more than just a paycheck — they want a company with a robust culture.

Millennials & Social Media

Social media not only helps reach out to potential job candidates, but also dispels those stereotypes through photos and videos. Get creative with the content you post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Millennials are constantly inundated with “shares” and retweets,” so create a way to ensure your content stands out from the crowd.

Our Culture At Turner Machine Company

We strive to make the workplace fun by encouraging and empowering employees to do their best for our clients.