Morale Survey

Turner Machine has put a high priority on exploring ways to make TMC a workplace that our employees enjoy coming to. The morale survey is one way we have of keeping the real pulse of the employees. The survey is done once a quarter and we encourage all of our employees to participate in our completely anonymous survey. Our leadership team responds to every comment that is given. And we post it for everyone to see.

Comments, Ratings, & Responses

  • 1. I rate TMC on human touch. Turner is a caring place to work (9)
    This is why we do what we do.

    2. Love this place! Can we get French Vanilla creamer back again. (9)
    Hit our Q1 sales goal and you got it!

    3. Great to have the sales team all on the same page. (8)
    They are truly committed to winning.

    4. Love the culture (9)
    It is great to apart of it.

    5. "Who are you" (Theme) has been fun! (8)
    Learning personalities of others and how to better approach them is very rewarding.

    6. Culture is changing to work for a cause/vision! Have to keep focused on this! (8)
    We need your help every day.

    7. Greatest place to work ever! (8)
    Thank you for the kind works.

    8. Overall morale seems good. Some days the energy is better than others (8)
    We would agree, please help us to get be the best.

    9. Everyone has been very welcoming (8)+
    We are glad you are on the team.

    10. I love this place (7)
    Thank you.

    11. Lack of consistent sales (7)
    Sales fixes everything in business and yet is the hardest thing to master.

    12. This is a great company. However, I become discouraged at gossip that I hear. It seems like the huddle is where most of it starts. (7)
    Gossip only has an effect when other will engage. Stop it by encouraging that person to talk to the person they are gossiping about.

    13. Most days are consistent, some days better, some worse. (7)
    Please help us push to be GREAT.

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Mission & Commitment

Turner MachineTurner Machine Co., Inc.’s mission is to build and maintain a work place of high ethics and morals with a culture-rich work environment. Jeff Turner is CEO of Turner Machine Co. in Smyrna.